+150 Popular Norse and Viking Names (Female & Male)

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Looking for the perfect name? There are hundreds of unique names of the Norse gods, Viking warriors, elves, gnomes, and dwarfs in the books of Norse mythology. Gods like Thor, Loki, Odin, and Frida need no introduction, but lesser-known names of the old Icelandic people are quite beautiful, and all hold special meanings. 

Whether you need a Norse name for a tabletop RPG, a pet name, or a random Viking name baby name, we have you covered.

What Is A Norse Name Generator?

A Norse name generator scours the hundreds of Norse names found within Norse mythology to find good Viking names and a brief backstory.

Whether you are crafting a Norse-inspired story for your next Dungeons and Dragons game, you need a Norse name for your next fantasy video game, or you want a cool nickname, a Norse name generator is an excellent tool.

It’s easier to find a character name using a random Viking name generator than reading through the Prose Edda!


Norse Names


Female Norse Name Ideas

The females of Norse mythology were strong, feisty, and just as powerful as their male counterparts. Female Viking names impart a sense of strength and independence.

Many of these female Viking names come from the Norse Valkyries, who guided defeated Vikings into the halls of Valhalla.

Here are a few we selected:

  • Astrid: beautiful, loved
  • Bodil: penance and fight
  • Frida: peace
  • Gertrud: spear
  • Gro: to grow
  • Estrid: god and beautiful
  • Hilda: the fighter
  • Gudrun: god and rune
  • Gunhild: fight
  • Helga: sacred
  • Inga: of the god Inge
  • Liv: of life
  • Randi: shield or shrine
  • Signe: the one who is victorious
  • Sigrid: victorious horsewoman
  • Revna: raven
  • Sif: wife and bride
  • Tora: of the god Thor
  • Tove: dove
  • Thyra: helpful
  • Thurid: Thor and beautiful
  • Yrsa: wild or she bear
  • Ulfhild: wolf or battle 
  • Åse: goddess

Male Norse Name Ideas

Everyone is familiar with Thor and Odin, but Norse mythology has hundreds of equally honorable men. If you are hunting for unique Viking names for men, check out some lesser-known (but equally impressive) male Norse name ideas below.

  • Arne: eagle   
  • Birger: keeper    
  • Bjørn: bear    
  • Bo: the resident   
  • Erik: absolute ruler   
  • Frode: wise and clever  
  • Gorm: he who worships god 
  • Halfdan: the half Danish   
  • Harald: lord and ruler  
  • Knud: knot    
  • Kåre: with curly hair   
  • Leif: descendant
  • Njal: giant    
  • Roar: fame and spear  
  • Rune: secret   
  • Sten: stone    
  • Skarde: with cleft chin  
  • Sune: son   
  • Svend: freeman who is in the service of another 
  • Troels: Thor’s arrow   
  • Toke: Thor and helmet   
  • Torsten: Thor and stone  
  • Trygve: trustworthy   
  • Ulf: wolf    
  • Ødger: wealth and spear  
  • Åge: man that ploughs; ancestor

Viking Warrior Names

Outside of Norse mythology, mighty Viking warriors fought in the name of Odin in the 11th century. These notable Viking warriors charted the seas, conquered lands, and are likely dining in the halls of Valhalla with Odin.

These Viking names were popular among the Vikings in ancient Scandinavia and are seeing a resurgence.

  • Arrne – eagle
  • Harald – army leader
  • Bjorn – bear
  • Andor – Thor’s eagle
  • Asger – spear
  • Egil – edge of a sword
  • Asmund – God is my protector
  • Torsten – Thor’s stone
  • Frode – clever, wise.
  • Toke – mad, raging
  • Sune – son
  • Heirleif – descendent, heir
  • Ulf – wolf
  • Leif – descendant
  • Einar – one who fights on his own
  • Sven – young warrior
  • Gunne – brave warrior
  • Erik – one who is king forever
  • Jari – God will rise.
  • Troels – Thor’s arrow
  • Sigurd – guardian of victory
  • Egill – awe, terror
  • Brokkr – badger
  • Fenrir – marsh fern
  • Njal – giant
  • Ove – brave
  • Aghi – terror at the edge of a sword

Is This Viking Name Generator Free To Use?


You can use the Viking name generator as many times as you need until you discover the perfect name. The perfect name for your novel, video game, tabletop RPG, pet, or baby might not come to you on your first try. And that’s ok.

There are hundreds of Vikings, Norse gods, and notable characters in the Mythos to choose from. Keep reloading until inspiration strikes – it’s completely free, so it’s ok to be indecisive!

Can I Use Random Names I Generate With This Norse Name Generator For Any Purpose?

The old Viking warrior and Norse gods would love nothing more than to see their names honored in the present day. You can use these names for anything you like, from novels or fantasy tabletop campaigns. Here are a few ways to use the names found on the Viking name generator.

  • Baby names
  • Pet names
  • Characters in a novel
  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Video games
  • Tattoos
  • Screenplays
  • LARPing

What Makes This Random Norse Name Generator Better Than Other Options I Found Online?

This random name generator is a little different than others online because it hosts a wider variety of Norse names. While some name generators focus solely on Norse gods or other notable players in the Prose Edda and Nordic sagas, this name generator also includes Viking warriors and more common Norse names. It scours through hundreds of gods, elves, dwarfs, and Viking warriors of Icelandic, Celtic, Danish, and Scottish descent.

This name generator provides perfect names for wild fantasy games and more common names like Leif or Astrid that are more suitable for baby names.

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