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Norse mythology is a fascinating topic full of interesting stories and characters. If you want to learn more about Norse mythology, this is the perfect website for you. We will tell you all about the different gods and goddesses, as well as the heroes and heroines. You will also learn about the different types of creatures that populate the world of Norse mythology.

Our Mission

Norse mythology had its origins in the religious stories and traditions popular in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland prior to the conversion of these northern Germanic peoples to Christianity in the Middle Ages. The early Vikings documented their religious beliefs through the stories they left of their travels and in two important texts, Prose Edda and Poetic Edda.

Central to the religion are gods and goddesses such as Loki, Odin, Thor, and Freya, as well as the harsh but brutal Norse landscape. In Norse religions, gods and human beings, along with elves and dwarves, live in nine worlds centered around the sacred Yggdrasil tree. The gods frequently travel between worlds to interact with humans, which makes for some exciting stories. 

Our site will add new understanding to popular culture as the influence of Norse mythology remains strong in films, television, music, anime, video games, and animation. Many shows and movies feature Norse mythological beings, such as The Almighty Johnsons, the Disney Series Loki, or The Mask with Jim Carrey. Other shows such as Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Stargate have featured story arcs populated by Norse gods. 

Our Editorial Process

Our team of editors and writers have long been fascinated with Norse mythology, so they skillfully combine prior knowledge and deep interest in the subject with excellent research and writing skills.

Our Writers


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Ana has always been interested in all things about Norse mythology, Vikings, and tales of ancient Germanic myths. An avid reader of books on Norse mythology, she also enjoys watching movies and TV shows based on Viking culture, and she secretly watched every Norse god-inspired MCU production as well!


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Adam writes about all things Old Norse for several sites. It’s a great fit for him because he has always had a fascination with mythology, be it Norse, Greek, or Roman. The allure has always stayed with him, and he jumped at the opportunity to research and write for Norse Mythologist.


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Tara is a freelance writer deeply involved with history in general and old mythology and Vikings in particular. She enjoys sitting on her deck with a cup of coffee and reading books on Norse myths, deities, and the fantastic stories behind each and every Norse god.


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Vianna is an enthusiastic seeker of knowledge and a history buff. When she’s not writing about ancient religions and magic systems, you can find her camping and hiking with her family.